My granddaughter, Lilly, at the Columbus Zoo. 

This is not going to be easy.

I have told my family and friends of my plans and can see the concern in many of their faces. After 30 years of being a big bread winner, I have opted to follow my passions and become a pet and plant sitter. For many years, I have demonstrated the qualities that will make for a successful business owner. I am conscientious, intelligent, diligent, focused, and resourceful. I also have dreams. Long hours and hard work don’t scare me.  


After all, life has been tough in the last five years (my fifties were supposed to be easy, or so I thought). My dad died, my Mom had a serious brain injury, menopause transpired, my marriage sputtered, I moved into my own home when it wasn’t fit for human habitation, my only daughter had a couple of scary breakups and a baby. I became a Grandma. I lost 40 pounds.

My world was turned upside down so I sought therapy. I began taking care of myself and realized I had value other than being a money mill. I started thinking about what was really important to me and what would help me enjoy my life. I decided to love and honor myself.

Corporate sales was not satisfying anymore. Being successful meant making money for many years and I did that the way I thought it should be done. Early retirement seemed like a bore so, I began considering business ventures that would incorporate my passions, anticipating a business that could sustain me past “normal” retirement. I quit my corporate job and took the leap. 

Thus, Sit. Stay. Grow. materialized through soul-searching and perseverance. This business combines my lifelong love of animals and plants. Truth be told, I wish I had realized my “calling” and acted on it much earlier in life but, better late than never! 

Today, I welcome a bright future. I may not make “big bucks” but I will be much more fulfilled by my work, helping people to love their animals and plants, like I do. Immersed in nature, I will become the person I was always meant to be.  

My family and friends need not be concerned about me. I am doing what will make me healthy and happy. That is what they really wish for me and all I have ever wished for them.