Your cat should be wearing one.

Even if your cat is microchipped, a good collar with your contact information could bring your lost pet home sooner. A neighbor may find your feline and return the cat to you right away. Without an ID tag, your pet could be mistaken for a stray. A tag indicates your cat has a loving home.

Your cat’s ID tag should have your name, address, and a telephone number where you’re easily reached or, if appropriate, information regarding your pet’s sitter and contact information. This ID should be securely fastened to a breakaway collar.

A breakaway collar features a fastener that releases when it’s pulled. Since these fasteners don’t lock, they allow your cat to slip free if the collar gets snagged on furniture, tree limbs, or fencing. A regular collar might strangle your struggling friend. 

Other breakaway collars utilize elastic fabric woven into the collar. This kind of collar will allow your pet to escape if it gets stuck. Tugging stretches the elastic and lets the cat escape. 

You can find breakaway collars at pet supply stores for the same price as ma