Even if your dog has access to a yard or a “run”, which is better than not, your best friend will benefit greatly from a daily walk.   

Dogs are not naturally sedentary creatures. They like to explore and use their keen senses to investigate the world. The opportunity to walk each day will make your dog happier and mentally-stimulated.

Walking promotes a normal weight, proper digestion, and even relieves constipation. Many common dog diseases can be avoided by brisk walks and regular exercise. A dog confined to a yard may not necessarily walk enough for these benefits.

Many unwelcome behavior issues are symptoms of too little exercise for your pooch. Chewing, barking, jumping-up, and general anxiety are attributable to too little stimulation for your pet. A rowdy dog is an under-exercised dog. 

Dogs learn confidence and trust from daily walking. They will grow to tolerate other dogs, animals, and people. They will become better-behaved in social situations.

People are often unable to walk their canine companions every day. Hectic work schedules, physical constraints, or vacations often preclude a daily walk for Fido. Sit. Stay. Grow. wants to help you keep your dog healthy and happy.   

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