The problem is probably easily resolved and comes down to a short list:

  • Location

  • Type of box

  • Type of litter

  • Number of boxes

  • Cleanliness of the box

You may be one of the lucky few that has a cat that isn’t choosy but nearly 10% of cat surrenders are due to litter box issues and some cats are abused because of their elimination choices. 

Think of the litter box as a toilet. Do you care about the comfort of the seat, the height of the seat, how easily it flushes, how many people use the same toilet, and how it smells? Of course you do. Your cat has an even greater desire for cleanliness and a much keener sense of smell. He has needs. 

Many people make the mistake of locating the litter box in the laundry room right next to the noisy washing machine or they put the litter box in the cramped corner of a closet or in a tight spot between the commode and the tub. Their cat must be a real trooper to st