Your sitter will always do their best to complete your scheduled sit regardless of weather conditions. 

As professional sitters, we are very concerned about the well-being of your pet and will make every reasonable attempt to complete our scheduled services but, some conditions could make it impossible.  

If roads are closed and we cannot legally or safely travel to your home, we may have to delay service until we can. Also, if your doors are snowed over, we may not be able to reach your pet without spending a great deal of time and effort to remove snow and ice. We will always attempt to contact you for advice on what to do in these situations.  However, it may behoove you to have made prior arrangements with a neighbor, your homeowners’ association, or your apartment/condo complex management regarding snow and ice removal.  

If we are aware of any oncoming storm, we may ask your permission to leave extra food and water for your pet in case we are unable to travel. 

If your pet requires medication, we may to enlist the services of a medical professional but we will always attempt to contact you or your designated emergency contact first.

Again, if you are concerned enough about your pet to hire a professional pet sitter, we assume you are concerned that they receive proper care in inclement weather and will act accordingly.

Also, we may have to make subjective decisions about taking your pet outside in severe weather. Larger dogs will usually do okay for a few minutes in even the most severe weather. Some small dogs, puppies, sickly, or elderly dogs may not be able to withstand harsh conditions and will have to be encouraged to eliminate on papers or pee pads.