Occasionally, a client will request a service that Sit. Stay. Grow. does not offer, either because we don’t have availability at that time or the service is better left to a professional like a veterinarian, trainer, or groomer.

However, we will always attempt to locate a good provider for them.

Another option is to use some of the search engines available. They typically operate by zip code so if you live very near to the outside of a zip code, you may want to try nearby zips as well. The best thing about these search engines is they have typically cater to professionals and require bonding, pet sitters’ insurance and criminal background checks.

Pet Sitters International has a powerful listing of professional sitters across the world. Pet Sitters International sends out weekly newsletters, bimonthly magazines and holds a yearly Pet Expo for members. Also Central Ohio Professional Pet Sitters Network has a great listing of local sitters ready to serve. COPPS has bimonthly educational seminars for members and members frequently rely on each other for back up and referral business.

My advice is to always seek out a professional. There are numerous kids and hobby sitters that offer to “take care” of your pet on the cheap but they do not have the training or back up resources a pro does. Isn’t the well-being and safety of your beloved pet worth more than pizza money?

Sit. Stay. Grow. is attempting to build a list of Community Resources for Pet Lovers by city and post them on our website. We rely on the recommendations of clients for these listings. If you see we haven’t listed one of your favorite and trusted sources, please contact Susan Deisher, susan@sitstaygrow.com.