A personal friend of mine, Kristen Harris, recently unveiled her new pet lifestyle magazine for the Columbus area. She has been formulating her ideas for this publication for many years, using similar publications in other cities as a guide. She dreamed of a local guide for our city to help people have fun with their pets.

The magazine is “her baby”, filled with interesting articles and beautiful photography. It helps to celebrate the bond between pets and their owners.

I advised Kristin to charge a fee for the magazine because I felt readers would place more value on it if it had a price. She chose to forego the price but the mag is available via subscription if you want it mailed to your home rather than trekking out to find a free copy in your local pet shoppe or vet office. It is also online at https://petceteracolumbus.com/digital-edition/

Sit. Stay. Grow. is a proud advertiser in her publication and will be as long as she continues to promote pets and the people who love them. She also recently asked me to submit an article regarding a “Day in the LIfe” of a pet sitter which will be in the next issue scheduled to be out November 1st. I am honored to represent our industry in this endeavor.

Best wishes for a long run and great success!