We know we can’t take our dogs out every day for a walk. But do you know what happens if your dog doesn’t go out for a walk?

A Little Bit of History 

Dogs evolved from the Gray Wolf.  They were mainly used for hunting back then. They were thriving in the wild. 

But with the course of time, dogs were bred to accentuate the features that were beloved as they became human companions and evolved with them. They started living with us in the same house. The advancements in science and technology that have eased our lives have not accounted for our furry friends.

So, considering their wild instincts, we should never ever confine them in a house or a backyard. This is suppressing their natural way of living.

What’s The Need of A Dog Walk?

So, not taking them out of the house for a dog walk will have an adverse effect their natural instincts. Dogs are energetic and they need to exercise. However, the energy levels of a dog depend on the dog breed, thereby having the different exercise needs. But the fact remains the same for all, they need to exercise (in different amount) and need to spend the pent-up energy. Not walking your dog will make your dog lazy, depressed, or lead them to excessive barking, digging, and chewing.

A dog walk is the easiest way to exercise and make the bond with your dog stronger. A walk can be a good exercise for both of you.

A dog walk (even on the same route every day) even with collars and harnesses on them make them feel they are not confined. They learn to socialize with other humans, animals, and pets on their way.  Moreover, they will enjoy sniffing around, exploring, and investigating, and chasing as they had been doing in the wild.

So walking your dog every day will not only provide a good exercise but also will help them to keep up their spirits. Of course, there are super energetic exercising methods for your dog but dog walking is crucial.That will be covered in another blog.

A dog is a big responsibility. When you don’t have enough time and/or resources to care for them, you need services like Sit. Stay. Grow.. professional dog walkers to help.

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