Cleaning House with a dog and keeping it clean can be a challenge for even the most experienced pet owner.

Many have busy schedules and aren’t able to tidy-up as much as they’d like. Housebroken and well-behaved pets can leave messes. Whether you experience rainy, muddy seasons or own a dog with long hair, there are ways to help keep things clean.

Fortunately, there are things that can help your home look and smell nice, even if your pet leaves fur, mud, dander, or saliva. Preventative maintenance goes a long way toward helping to keep things tidy, like keeping your dog well-groomed and brushed. You can ask your Sit. Stay. Grow. provided pet sitter to brush your dog. If your dog likes to jump on furniture, you can place an old sheet or towel on his favorite spot to protect it. Read on, if you are interested in other ways to help keep your home clean.

Clean Your Carpets

Many homeowners have their carpets cleaned a couple times per year to remove stains and get odors out as the season’s change. A mixture of hot water and vinegar will help neutralize the odor left by urine without destroying your carpet. You may clean the carpet with a soft-bristled brush and this mixture after the wet urine is blotted-up with a paper towel.

Cover Your Furniture

Even older, less active, or well-behaved pets can unintentionally leave damage on furniture with nails, saliva, or fur, and it may help to cover their favorite napping spot or find a comfy bed to lure the away. These days, you can find heated pet beds, which may even help fight arthritis pain for your senior pet.

Keep Him Groomed

Good grooming is essential; Even short-haired dogs shed, especially during warm weather. Many dog owner’s keep their pet’s toenails short. He can be bathed and brushed on a regular basis. This practice will help keep your home clean and help keep your pet healthy. If your dog isn’t a fan of baths, a spoon of natural peanut butter on the tub wall may keep him distracted.

Give Him Exercise

Dogs that don’t get enough exercise will let their energy out in other ways. such as running around your house, destroying furniture, and window blinds. Your Sit. Stay. Grow. provided dog walker can help exercise your dog when you have long hours at work or trips. Sometimes, destructiveness can be a sign of behavior issues but usually, they are the best way your pet can release the pent-up energy. Frequent walks, trips to the dog park, or even a fenced-in backyard will help to tire him out.

Keeping your home cleaner with a dog doesn’t have to be stressful. By keeping him healthy and addressing some preventative measures, you can help keep your house tidy which is good news to those who work long hours or travel.

Guest Blogger: Nick Burton


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