This business has been sold to Happy Tails of Columbus and will sadly close at the end of the day on 8/31/2021. 

Careful consideration has gone into the selection of Happy Tails of Columbus and you can trust them to have a similar business philosophy and provide the same quality services. Please use the contact form on their website to establish services or send a referral.

Business For Sale

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit, passion and business acumen to own and operate this pet-loving, people-loving, Columbus, Ohio business? You could be the investor to grow this business and expand or franchise over multiple cities. The possibilities are endless. One thing we can guarantee is that you will make money from day one!

We have put a successful business model together with a website, social media, blog, paid Facebook and Google advertising campaigns, and a background app that helps you run everything behind the scenes. We are handing over the recipe for success.

Started in 2016, this successful, 5-year-old pet and plant care business has a loyal clientele and wonderful group of independent contractors that make working a pleasure. The owner, Susan Deisher, has made a consistent profit since opening, but due to personal health reasons needs to sell her business right away!

Check us out, make an offer, this business could be yours.

For more information, please contact Susan Deisher at