Are You a Snowbird?

Are You a Snowbird?


Do you leave your home vacant for weeks or months to avoid the Ohio winter weather?

Southern migration: We all know somebody that does this.  

According to Wikipedia, snowbirds are “typically retirees who wish to avoid the snow and cold temperatures of northern winter, but maintain ties with family and friends by staying there the rest of the year. In recent years, younger people with jobs tied to seasonal tourists, often migrate southward following the tourist season to southern resorts. Some are also business owners who have a second home in a warmer location or whose business can be easily moved from place to place, such as flea market and swap meet vendors. Some are people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder who wish to enjoy the longer daylight hours in the southern latitudes in winter. Some snowbirds bring their homes with them, as campers (mounted on bus or truck frames) or as boats following the east coast Intracoastal waterway. In the past snowbirds were frequently wealthy persons with independent incomes who maintained several seasonal residences and shifted residence with the seasons to avail themselves of the best time to be at each location; this custom has declined considerably due to changing patterns of taxation and the relative ease of long-distance travel.” 

Canada has a group dedicated to seasonal travelers: The Canadian Snowbird Association.

Sit. Stay. Grow. is ready to help our Columbus-area snowbirds by doing security checks, bringing in mail, newspapers, flyers and packages, sorting and forwarding, watering houseplants, switching-up lights and blinds, sprinkling snow and ice melt, or arranging for shoveling walks as needed.  

Service can be entirely customized to the client. It can be scheduled once a day, every other day, once a week, or even once a month. 

Schedule a free meet and greet with us and we will work out a plan for you.