Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

Simply put, “You love your pets.”

Professional pet sitters are truly dedicated to the welfare of the pets in their charge. They continually improve their knowledge of pet first aid, traits of different breeds, and strive to improve the lives of all they service. 

Sit. Stay. Grow. gives you the added peace of mind knowing that your pet sitter is thoroughly character-referenced, background-checked, bonded and insured. You will meet your hand-selected sitter, free-of-charge at an initial consultation, so you can see for yourself that they love what they do for a living.

You may be tempted to find a less expensive alternative for your pet but, honestly, do you really want to gamble with the health and happiness of your best friend? Is peace-of-mind worth a few extra bucks a day? Those dollars are easily offset by the training and experience your pro brings to your home.

Many of our clients will tell you about the kid they hired that didn’t show up, the sitter they hired online that had a party in their house, or the neighbor that fed cat food to their dog. Our clients realize the value in hiring a professional to care for their pets.

Often, there are stories in the news about a horrible pet sitter that abused a pet. It is usually someone hired online from one of the hobby-sitter services that have popped up, seemingly overnight. 

To make sure you are hiring a true professional, ask about references. A great sitter will have great references. “I love to play with kitties and puppies” is not a reference. Read the fine print on those websites. They are not responsible for outcomes. They are in the business of making money, not the business of pet care.

The professionals used by Sit. Stay. Grow. give you comfort knowing that you are hiring a sitter that will provide the very best care for your beloved pets and plants. Simply put, “You love your pets.”