Sit. Stay. Grow. will no longer be servicing customers after 8/31/2021.

We have developed a relationship with Happy Tails of Columbus, they will assist with your needs.


Sit. Stay. Grow. uses independent contractors to remain flexible and allow coverage in a broader area across Columbus. We attempt to marry the best sitter to any given job determined by need and location. All our independent contractors have passed a criminal background-check, supplied 3 character references, are covered by pet-sitters’ insurance, are bonded, and have a positive history with animals. You may be assigned a back-up or “secondary” sitter. We advise you to meet this person as well. 


Your sitter may arrive within a scheduled block of time due to unforeseen circumstances like the illness, well-being of another pet, or traffic. If you have critical time requirements, you should convey that information when scheduling and advise us how when you wish to be notified of any tardiness.


In the unlikely event that your assigned sitter is unable to service you for a requested or even an approved time, Sit. Stay. Grow. will do everything possible to find an alternative sitter. We may not be able to find anyone in some areas at all times so, it is in your best interest to have a back-up plan.

New Customers

We request a free initial consultation with your sitter(s), also known as a meet and greet, at your home with the animal(s) present. If you have provided an email address, we will invite you to use our free client portal in which you can enter all details about your pet(s), keep any documents (like shot records, vet information, food brands, and allergies), and always have this information available using the free downloadable app for your smartphone. It is expected that you will supply this information before your first paid visit. The sitter will ask for a key and/or code for entry at this meeting.

Back-up Plan

We request that you develop a back-up plan in case your designated sitter is incapacitated and can’t perform a specific sit or there is some kind of disaster. This is very rare but has happened. The plan may be as easy as calling a neighbor. It is a good idea to let us know the phone number for that neighbor, and you may want to confirm that neighbor has a way to access your property. If you want another SSG sitter to cover for your designated sitter, we suggest you meet them and introduce them to your pet(s).


If you move, we may ask you to resubmit your data and your designated sitter may change. Please notify us of any changes or if your sitter needs to pick up a new key. If you are moving out of the area, we will happily assist you in finding another company in the area of your move.


We generally require 48-hours notice of changes or cancellation of scheduled services. You will be charged for the reserved time if you do not give enough notice. Fees may be waived for events beyond your control like a disabling illness, family death, or hospitalization. Please see our fees (provided on the client portal) for current rates.


All sitters retain the right to terminate or not complete a service if they determine that continued activity will likely result in harm to themselves, any person, animal, or thing. If a service is not performed for any reason, the client will be notified ASAP using the emergency info provided.


It is our belief that all pets require human attention at least once per day and unless agreed to by a specific sitter, we insist on daily visits for our charges. Dogs require no less than 2 visits per day (which can sometimes be achieved with an overnight sit).

Additional Visits

Occasionally, it becomes obvious to your sitter that your pet requires an additional visit(s) during your trip (usually due to acting out, “accidents”, or misusing the litter box). In that instance, the sitter will attempt to reach you to discuss alternatives. If unable to gain your input, the sitter will add visits as they see fit for the health and well-being of the animal. They may charge an additional fee for significant clean up time. You may receive a larger invoice than originally anticipated.

Visit Reports

Your sitter will email you a detailed visit report following each scheduled visit to your home. You may request a picture to be sent with this correspondence.

Outside Business Hours Fee

If you schedule a visit outside of normal business hours (7 am – 9 pm), an additional fee may be added to your sit.


Most sitters carry extra supplies with them in case of emergencies, but we request the you provide all supplies needed to conduct the sit (e.g. poop bags, leashes, collars, harnesses, food, water, treats, litter, litter scoop, a pet towel, and brushes). If a sitter needs to purchase an item specifically to complete your sit, they will attempt to contact you for your approval and direction.

Medical Treatment

All sitters reserve the right to seek emergency medical care for any animal in our charge, if deemed necessary. We will always attempt to contact the customer and primary veterinarian ASAP but some emergencies may not allow us to do so until the animal is under veterinary care. You have a right to set a preauthorized dollar limit for veterinary care. Please note this on your client portal for each pet.  We recommend you discus this unlikely scenario with your vet’s office.


Major holiday visits, including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day (observed), Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day (observed), and Thanksgiving Day may incur an additional fee. Please see our fees (provided on the client portal) for the current holiday rate. Visits that include major holidays are considered “holiday bookings” and as such, fees may not be transferrable, cancelable, or refundable.


Please review your expectations for your pet(s)’ exposure with your sitter at the meet and greet. We will always attempt to complete a sit unless weather conditions make it extremely difficult to do so. We highly recommend you have a back-up plan in case your sitter is unable to complete the sit as scheduled. If you plan is to stay home or you have made other arrangements, please contact your sitter to advise him/her that service is not needed. We will not provide more than a potty break for any dog if the windchill is 0 degrees or below. Small dogs may be limited at higher temperatures.


We will email an invoice following completion of any service that can be paid online with a major credit card or you can mail a check to:

Sit. Stay. Grow.
PO Box 951
Worthington, OH 43085

We request a 50% down payment for amounts exceeding $300 but that may be waived for repeat business (such as daily dog walks billed monthly). 

Payment is made to Sit. Stay. Grow. because we pay our sitters for contracted amounts. Please do not pay your sitter directly except for tips, if you desire.


Tips are strongly encouraged as they are a significant source of income for sitters. Please note that your sitter will receive 100% of any tip received by Sit. Stay. Grow. However, the bank charges a 3% fee for anything processed by credit card and is taken from the sitter’s tip, you always have the option of working out a different tip payment method to avoid the 3% fee.

Additional Family or Friend Pets

We can care for additional pets in your home and will charge for them accordingly but we do require information on the owner, primary vet and the animal(s)’ history. We also must meet the owner and the pet prior to any paid visit.

Job Sharing

Sit. Stay. Grow. discourages any kind of job-sharing including friends and/or family mainly because such practices expose the sitter to excess liability. We will consider each situation and may request a special release from our client that will release the sitter from liability during the sit.

Loss of a Pet

Please notify us if a pet is deceased or no longer going to be available at your home. We appreciate knowing about this loss ASAP so we can mourn and make the appropriate changes.


Sit. Stay. Grow. does not, and shall not discriminate against a person due to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, disability, veteran/military status, age, genetic information or any protected classification established by law, in its clientele, staffing, activities or operations. SSG is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for its clientele, users, advertisers and vendors.


If you have any questions or comments about our policies or rates, please Contact Us. We will reply to any correspondence ASAP and usually within 24 hours.