Sit. Stay. Grow. uses independent contractors to remain flexible and allow coverage in a broader area across Columbus. We attempt to marry the best sitter to any given job determined by need and location. All our independent contractors have passed a criminal background-check, supplied 3 character references, are covered by pet-sitters’ insurance, are bonded, and have a positive history with animals. You may be assigned a back-up or “secondary” sitter. We advise you to meet this person as well. 


Your sitter may arrive within a scheduled block of time due to unforeseen circumstances like the illness, well-being of another pet, or traffic. If you have critical time requirements, you should convey that information when scheduling and advise us how when you wish to be notified of any tardiness.


In the unlikely event that your assigned sitter is unable to service you for a requested or even an approved time, Sit. Stay. Grow. will do everything possible to find an alternative sitter. We may not be able to find anyone in some areas at all times so, it is in your best interest to have a back-up plan.

New Customers

We request a free initial consultation with your sitter(s), also known as a meet and greet, at your home with the animal(s) present. If you have provided an email address, we will invite you to use our free client portal in which you can enter all details about your pet(s), keep any documents (like shot records, vet information, food brands, and allergies), and always have this information available using the free downloadable app for your smartphone. It is expected that you will supply this information before your first paid visit. The sitter will ask for a key and/or code for entry at this meeting.