Most experts advise against publishing actual rates for services to avoid a race to the bottom with competitors. However, we do offer lower rates for additional visits on the same day that don’t require feeding and regularly-scheduled visits. We may have negotiated special rates with you and your sitter/walker. Some clients have opted to pay monthly rather than weekly if they schedule regularly. We will also consider your current situation and budget for services. Our clients find our rates to be commensurate with the value provided.

Customers of Sit. Stay. Grow. can view our standard rates in our client portal.

So, we are using this space to help educate the general public on factors that usually affect petsitting/pet sitter rates on a case-by-case basis.


Cat-sitting Advice

Don’t ask for more than you need. If Fluffy really doesn’t require to be brushed during your visit, say so. Some cats really like it and it is a good way to become friends but you may want to leave that up to your sitter.

We strongly recommend at least one visit per 24-hour period to check on your cat’s welfare, access to their food and litter, etc.  Cats are not as nimble as you may think and can get stuck behind refrigerators and furniture. Generally cats require access to fresh water, food, and need their litter scooped daily. They really do appreciate human company although you may not realize it. Typical cat visits with feeding and scooping take about 20 minutes but you may want to add some additional time for social interaction. Our 30-minute service includes multiple cats and may be your most economical choice depending on the number of cats you have and your pet sitter.

Sit. Stay. Grow. allows you to choose a visit based on services alone or choose a visit based on time allotted. You may wish to discuss this with your sitter during the initial consultation.


Dog-sitting Advice

Determine how many times Spot needs to relieve himself during the day. A dog that typically only goes out twice a day will probably enjoy sticking to that schedule. If a dog is crated, it is less likely to damage your home in your absence but only you know if a dog will be comfortable in a crate. 

Our goal is to recreate the dog(s) normal daily experience as closely as possible. So, if he eats twice a day, we need to know that, how much and about what times. Please let us know of any issues with your dog’s behavior at the meet and greet. We are better sitters if we know what to expect.

Again, Sit. Stay. Grow. allows you to choose a visit based on services alone or choose a visit based on time allotted. You may wish to discuss this with your sitter during the initial consultation. We have smaller fees for potty break visits that don’t require feeding. Our 30-minute service maybe the most economical depending on how many pets you have and your sitter.


Dog-walking Advice

All dogs are different. Some enjoy long brisk walks while others only short leisurely walks. Some of this is breed specific, related to age, medical condition, or simply normal practice.

Large herding breeds tend to be active and want a lot of exercise while small dogs may be challenged by a 15-minute walk. Some dogs are couch potatoes and only need a wellness check and potty break. We recommend you discuss this and your normal routine with your sitter. Even if you run your dog without a leash, your sitter is required to maintain control at all times.

Some dogs won’t walk in the rain or snow. Some dogs pull. Some dogs react to other dogs, bikes, kids, or squirrels. These are good things to discuss with your sitter at the consultation. You might not want your little dog to walk if the windchill is below 20 degrees. These are all things you can specify.  Sit. Stay. Grow. will allow you to tailor a walking program that suits your needs.


Plant Care Advice

Plants thrive when positioned in areas that provide the right amount of sun, good soil, and sufficient water. Generally our plant care service will  provide weeding, watering, or mulching as requested.

Ideally, perennial plants need to be kept wet to 6” and annuals to 12”. Pots should generally be moist throughout.

This can be difficult to maintain if you are working long days or are out-of-town for many days. Sit. Stay. Grow. can help. We will access your garden and supply what Mother Nature does not. If you schedule us for a plant care visit you can specify additional activities you would like performed if watering is not needed. Please discuss your particular situation with your sitter at your meet and greet session.


Talk to us.  We will help you find the best program for your pet(s) and/or plants and provide a free estimate of your rates prior to any paid service.



Susan Deisher, CPPS
Sit. Stay. Grow.