6 Dog Toy Trends That Are  Worth The Hype

6 Dog Toy Trends That Are Worth The Hype

As pet parents, we want our dogs to be as happy as they possibly can be! This means making sure they have the best of everything they want and need. From the tastiest treats to the coolest toys, to the best food, we want them to have it all. 

These Toys Are Totally Worth It 

All dogs have their own taste, needs, and their own preference. Some like chew toys, more intelligent breeds benefit well from puzzle toys, and some dogs prefer something soft to cuddle up with. No matter what your dog likes, there’s a toy for it! 

  1. Chuck-It – The Chuck-It is the perfect toy for the dog the balls-to-the-wall ball obsessed! Most people can’t throw a ball as far as our dog is willing to run for it. With the Chuck-It, you simply load the ball into the end of a long wand-like object and fling it as