6 Dog Toy Trends That Are  Worth The Hype

6 Dog Toy Trends That Are Worth The Hype

As pet parents, we want our dogs to be as happy as they possibly can be! This means making sure they have the best of everything they want and need. From the tastiest treats to the coolest toys, to the best food, we want them to have it all. 

These Toys Are Totally Worth It 

All dogs have their own taste, needs, and their own preference. Some like chew toys, more intelligent breeds benefit well from puzzle toys, and some dogs prefer something soft to cuddle up with. No matter what your dog likes, there’s a toy for it! 

  1. Chuck-It – The Chuck-It is the perfect toy for the dog the balls-to-the-wall ball obsessed! Most people can’t throw a ball as far as our dog is willing to run for it. With the Chuck-It, you simply load the ball into the end of a long wand-like object and fling it as if you were throwing the ball yourself. The extra length gives you the leverage to essentially catapult the ball as far as it can go. If your dog is ball crazy and loves to run, this toy is exactly what you need! 
  2. Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone – If your dog is a big chewer, the Benebone is absolutely the toy for them! This bacon-flavored Nylon chew bone is durable and long-lasting, holding up to even the heaviest of chewers!
  3. Snuffle Mat (Nosework Feeding Mat) – The Snuffle Mat is great for the dog who has the tendency to vacuum down their food. This mat engages your pup’s sense of smell, when you hide treats within the scruffy design, and encourages your dog’s natural foraging skills. This will also help slow down your speedy eater, helping to avoid any possible bloating, gas, and bellyaches. 
  4. Goblets Pig Latex Dog Toy – We’ve all seen the typical squeaker toy, with the high pitched squeal that our dogs seem to go crazy for. This toy brings something different to the table. With raised polka dots that create a different sensation while biting and chewing, a durable latex outer coating and a plushy inside it also comes with a surprise… It snorts! Your dog will go crazy over this interesting, realistic piggy noise!
  5. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy – The Wobble Wag ball is great for those dogs who seem to get bored with the typical dog toy. This ball is made extra tough and durable to stand up to those heavy chewers and is designed to engage your pup with sound. With a noise that was created to mimic the sounds of human laughter, it is meant to get your dog excited for play! As your pup rolls and tosses and plays with the Wobble Wag, the ball will make more and more noise.
  6. Automatic Ball Launcher – An automatic ball launcher is fantastic for the more intelligent dog who doesn’t mind, or could benefit from, keeping himself busy for a while. There are many different designs and brands, but they all accomplish the same task: helping your dog throw the ball for himself! When the ball is dropped into the launcher, after several seconds, the ball is shot out of the toy for your dog to chase. With a little practice, your dog can eventually learn how to retrieve the ball and drop it back in himself. Automatic ball launchers are great for the dog who spends time alone during the day. Always make sure you aim the launcher away from anything breakable and the balls are the correct size for your dog to prevent choking.

Whether your dog is a ball nut or loves to chew, chew, chew, there is a toy for everything! Find your dog his perfect toy and let the good times (and the balls) roll! 

Guest blogger: Abi Pennavaria 

Abi Pennavaria is a dog mom, avid veterinary volunteer, and co- author of the Saved By The Bark dog blog. She enjoys sharing tips and tricks for volunteers and animal lovers through thoughtfully researched blog posts and is working to become a veterinarian